Cooktop Cove: 6 potato casseroles your guests will be drooling over
By Jessica Jacobs
Potato casseroles are a classic dish. These six potato casserole recipes offer plenty of different ways to cook with spuds.
To make life easier, underneath each recipe name is a video. Follow along and see what you can create.
1. Loaded baked potato casserole
Everyone knows that mashed potatoes are a brilliant side dish for almost any family dinner. When you're looking to add a bit more punch to your dinner table, however, try digging into this amazing loaded baked potato casserole. Full of delicious baked potatoes, crumbly bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese and with an added kick of Ro*Tel, this casserole is bound to leave you speechless.
Full recipe: Loaded baked potato casserole
2. Cheesy potato hamburger casserole
This cheesy potato hamburger casserole is easy to make and bakes for one hour before you add shredded cheese to melt on top. It's a great weeknight meal to make so that when it's baking, you can get other work done.
This may quickly become a favorite meal. There's something about ground beef, onions, mushrooms, creamy soup and cheese that many people love. Once you make this meal, you'll probably be asked to make it every single week — it's that good.
Full recipe: Cheesy potato hamburger casserole
3. Chicken and potato casserole
After a long day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do when at home is more work. Dinner can oftentimes be the last unexpected hurdle for people before they can really unwind at home. Many people turn to frozen food or fast food easy alternatives to a home-cooked dinner.
This casserole recipe, on the other hand, lets you make yourself a hearty meal with minimal preparation. Simply add ingredients, toss the casserole in the oven and pull it out for a hot dinner made from scratch.
Full recipe: Chicken and potato casserole
4. Cheesy scalloped potatoes
The classic Midwestern meal is made up of meat and potatoes. Because of that, people have come up with a ton of ways to fix these little Idaho tubers. You can mash them, bake them, slice and fry them, or place them in a casserole dish with some other ingredients. Because you can add a lot of other ingredients into casseroles, they have become ideal dishes for feeding families and taking to group potlucks.
Finding a dish that everyone in a family or at a party will like can be a challenge, and nobody likes taking food to a function and finding out that the dish was unpopular. By combining potatoes and cheese, this cheesy scalloped potato casserole is guaranteed to be a hit at the next get-together and put a smile on everyone's faces.
Full recipe: Cheesy scalloped potatoes
5. Funeral potatoes casserole
Apparently funeral potatoes are frequently served at postburial dinners and church potlucks, but they also are served at happier occasions such as Christmas. These potatoes have a decadent flavor, but they take only minutes to throw together, making them a perfect weeknight indulgence. The creamy casserole with its crunchy, salty topping is a delicious accompaniment for glazed ham, but it's also substantive enough to eat as a main dish when paired with green beans or a salad.
Full recipe: Funeral potatoes casserole
6. Twice-baked potato casserole
Baked potatoes are so unbelievably good, they just have to be done twice. This ultimate twice-baked potato casserole is the perfect comfort food to round off a busy workday. This filling casserole can be served with beef, chicken or pork and is the ideal accompaniment to a joint roast. You can bake the potatoes the day before and prepare the casserole quickly the next evening if you need to save time.
This delectable dish perfectly combines everything people love about the all-time classic baked potato with the creamiest mashed potatoes you didn't even realize were missing from your life.
Full recipe: Twice-baked potato casserole
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